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Are these your business needs?

Do you have a means of assessing the impact of the performance of your consumer digital service on your business?

Do you have a solution that gives you an insight on the performance of your digital products and the user experience they create?

Can you forecast the performance of your business?

What can we offer?

Our unified service will help you transform your data into business actions, optimize your digital service, and improve overall business performance.

Using advanced analytics, modern business intelligence, and predictive analytics, you can personalize products and services to deliver a unique customer experience.


Use data visualization to simplify, optimize, and have complete control over business.

Critical decision making is made easy and, this has a positive impact on the company ROI.

Tie every decision back to the data to get deeper insights, effortlessly.

Transform insights into actions that are aligned to the objectives of your business.

Identify pain points in your processes.

What's in itfor you?

Know Your Clients
Gain relevant insights about the behaviors of your customers and clients.

Target Data
Segment your clients and enable customer retention.

Mass Customization
Boost the WOW-factor of the customer experience created by your business by mapping their journey. 

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Success stories


Advanced Analytics for Big Telco User Experience


An algorithm is required to rank the perceived user experience of customers.

A large amount of uninterpreted data information had to be processed to deliver data.

This information had to be integrated into production to add value.


  • Our analytics team relentlessly collected, analyzed and extracted information from the client’s big data system;
  • Data exploration, data processing & pipelining, machine learning, and process automatization used to decipher data;
  • The information was integrated on the client analytics platform;
  • InnoWave’s data science resource pool was made available for further assistance.


  • Enhanced business intelligence and capabilities through an integrated view of its customers;
  • Effortless identification of percentage of customers that were affected by a poor user experience;
  • Well-defined churn tasks, thanks to data interpretation;
  • Refined CRM analysis parameters;
  • New and improved service quality factors discovered.

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