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Second confinement: here we go again

2020 ended with renewed hope: the much-desired vaccine was approved. 2021 started promising with the news of the beginning of the vaccination process. We began to dream of returning to possible normality; being with friends, hugging our relatives again, enjoying the little things in life without fear. Suddenly, cases grow up (more than 10,000 a…

Computer Security Day

Cyber is hot!

We have Cyber Monday, cybersecurity month, and even Black Friday – that has become a major marketing and sales tool for cyber deals and cyber shopping. But there are other cyber aspects that unless you are a cyber professional or a cyber geek, you will most likely not even heard of. Do you know what…


Cold Chain COVID-19 Vaccines

More than that we ensure Online and Offline Monitoring Online data with mobile access points installed at factory warehouses, distribution centers, and inside vehicles, allows 24/7 real-time monitoring of temperatures of the vaccine containers. The Sensors automatically transmits its data to the ViGIE Cloud platform whenever it is in range of the network, without any…


Navigating the American Market

With the presidency of Donald Trump from 2016 to 2020, the United States of America is living a period of growing nationalism and isolationism.With Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the recent presidential elections, the country’s internal policies are expected to undergo substantial changes that will bring about fluctuations to economic markets.The expected political trend that…

Rui Carvalho

Cybercrime is an evolution, not a revolution

This is how the recent report published by Europol describes the current scenario that evaluates organized crime in cyberspace in 2020 (IOCTA – Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment). Despite the trend that points to increasing sophistication of some criminals, most cyber attacks originate from social engineering, an evolution of the old “vicar’s tale”. Promises of…