Security researchers at IOActive have discovered vulnerabilities in the widely used casino card-shuffling machine, the Deckmate 2.

By exploiting these weaknesses, they demonstrated the ability to gain full control over the machine’s shuffling process. This could enable cheating in card games like Texas Hold’em by knowing the deck’s exact order and, consequently, the hands of all players. IOActive’s method involves inserting a small hacking device into the shuffler’s exposed USB port, potentially unnoticed during a game.

The Deckmate 2 also has an internal camera, allowing real-time access to the entire deck order, which can be transmitted via Bluetooth to a partner for covert signalling to the cheating player. This technique provides cheaters with a significant advantage, particularly in Texas Hold’em, where predicting card hands is crucial. While IOActive has not yet developed a method to rearrange the deck, knowing the card order without changing it remains a highly effective cheating strategy that’s difficult to detect. These vulnerabilities highlight the need for improved security standards in casino equipment, raising concerns about outdated regulations governing gaming devices’ security.

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Image Credits : ROGER KISBY