We are living in a world...

…where success is all about engaging citizens.

Challenged of citizen engagement initiatives...

Is the response of the public to your city initiatives dull?

Do you struggle with connecting your citizens to your city’s sustainability goals?

Do you have a means of measuring the impact of your initiatives on your citizens?

How do you recognize and reward your citizens for being socially responsible?

Do you manage to get your citizens to collaborate and work towards achieving the goals of the city goal?

What can we offer?

We have a new communication channel that will encourage your citizens to explore your initiatives and its benefits. This will revolutionize and boost the active participation of your citizens. City goals and the involvement of citizens in the achievement of them is made interesting and rewarding with the introduction of game elements. The challenge and motivation factor of these games encourage collaboration and healthy competition between your citizens who eventually get rewarded for their good behaviour.



The focus is on increasing citizen engagement.

Deepen the connection between the citizens and their city.

Aligning of personal and city goals results in enforcing good behaviours through rewards.

Straight-forward channel

Our product acts as a straight-forward channel that enables the easy exchange of information between citizens and their city.

Our product can be used to collect valuable data that will help you make better planning decisions.

What's in itfor you?

Say Goodbye to non-engaged people

Integration – Integrate city initiatives with other different initiatives;
Awareness – Create awareness about the City Activities;
Connect – Increase participation in Sustainability activities;
Inform – Leverage the knowledge about the citizens interests.

Be distinguished as a sustainable and digital city.

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How We Operate


We are recognized by our expertise in developing solutions that engage people.
Gamification has proved to be a powerful motivator allowing organizations and governments to promote desirable behaviours in their employees and citizens.
IoT products have been enabling people's connections with the environment that surrounds them. From homes to offices or even supermarkets, our expertise allows you to improve the experience of your citizens.


We provide an exclusive channel for communicating with the workforce, stimulating a healthy competition around the city mission and goals through gamification and IoT connected products.

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