We are living in a world...

…where data must be kept accessible and safe.

Are these your business needs?

Are you struggling to assess your business needs and future growth plans to understand if your current infrastructure size is adequate?

Do you struggle to launch new digital products and services?

Do you struggle to ensure that a disaster does not disrupt the functioning of various critical applications that your business relies on?

Do you know what costs are involved in owning and maintaining the infrastructure required to keep your business afloat?

What can we offer?

Cloud Strategy

A business case based on the model of your business to help you determine what should be on the Cloud, TCO determination.

Cloud Migration

A solution that enables the migration of your existing applications to Cloud. We can also modernize it to leverage the benefits of being in the Cloud.


Less Risk

No outages due to internal infrastructure failure. Information and Infrastructure placed in the cloud is compatible with natively security solutions of your business model.

Be one step ahead

Be ready for the future business models.

Reduce Time Management and Costs

Centralize infrastructure management. Do an Efficiently use of your IT capacity.

What's in itfor you?

We offer you agility to introduce new features and evolve your offer.
Be able to Scale infrastructure based on demand.
Use Multiple Infrastructure Silos with different expertise required.

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Support Business Functions as Services to be consumed in the enterprise. Architecture Simplification Cloud Based.


  • Service Layer exposed in AWS for general availability;
  • TMForum OpenAPI Standard as foundation for the business functions;
  • Orchestration of requests through Appian SaaS into the ecosystem main applications (No point-to-point communication).


  • Infrastructure simplification;
  • Monitoring: Live telemetry of the ecosystem;
  • Agility: Launch of new telco product lines in less than 2 months;
  • Automation: Mechanisation of the provisioning activities though the usage of the stack business functions.

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