What happens if...

…your company’s IT infrastructure gets targeted by a consortium of hackers?

Digital Threats

When was the last time you conducted a critical systems vulnerability test against cyber attacks?

Is your IT team have the means and knowledge to detect, prevent, mitigate the damage, and investigate a cyber attack?

Our Team of Specialist Can Safeguard Your IT Assets

Stay protected with the help of the Security Assessments and Risk Evaluations that are performed by our seasoned professionals. Only the best techniques and proven tools are used to create custom-made reports that focus on reducing your real-time business risk exposure. You will no longer have to rely on conventional automated analysis and reports that don’t build robust cyber security.

What can we offer?

A highly specialized team of experts that will help you discover and strengthen the vulnerabilities of your technological infrastructure. Our team will help you incorporate real-life offensive and defensive cyber security methodologies and techniques.
By focusing on Cyber Security Assessments, Threat Management, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation measures, we can help you intensify your cyber security.


Say Goodbye to Anxiety

Enhance your cyber security and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are protected against criminals that prefer simple targets that can be easily targeted.

Reduced Risk

Our risk-based analysis focuses on what really matters to your business. This will allow you to efficiently deal with cyber-attacks that are aimed at damaging your brand’s image and also cause other types of losses. We can assist in improving your business continuity approach and related processes.

Play It Smart

Entrust the responsibility of analyzing the threat and the mitigation of the risks involved to us. Enjoy focusing on important business matters that need smart decisions and reduced costs.

What's in it
for you?

  • An Insight on the security of your systems and information.
  • A solution aimed at improving the cyber security of the components that are critical to your business.
  • Highly expert team that will be your partner in cyber security.

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How We Operate


We offer our expertise to organisations that want to assess their current level of cyber security and define a plan that will offer the best protection.


Our model is “Security as a Partner”. We aim to be a security partner, a natural extension of the internal teams, that will help clients strengthen their approach towards global security threats.

How we protect our clients

We protect against:
Ransomware Attacks
Data Breaches
Insecure IoT Devices

We protect against:
Protection against denial-of-service attacks
Advanced Persistent Threats
Ransomware Attacks

We protect against:
Insecure System Development
IoT System Vulnerabilities
Denial of Service Attacks

We protect against:
Denial Of Service
Insecure System Development
Data Breaches

Success stories



Support Business Functions as Services to be consumed in the enterprise. Architecture Simplification Cloud Based.


  • Service Layer exposed in AWS for general availability;
  • TMForum OpenAPI Standard as foundation for the business functions;
  • Orchestration of requests through Appian SaaS into the ecosystem main applications (No point-to-point communication).


  • Infrastructure simplification;
  • Monitoring: Live telemetry of the ecosystem;
  • Agility: Launch of new telco product lines in less than 2 months;
  • Automation: Mechanisation of the provisioning activities though the usage of the stack business functions.

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