We are living in a world...

…that is constantly challenging us.

Are These Your Business Needs?

Do you know the health of your applications?

Are you able to fully explore the potential/performance of your applications?

In case of a glitch, are you able to quickly diagnose and detect the application that is causing havoc?

Are you aware of how you handle such issues – proactively or reactively?

What can we offer?

Our innovative tool empowers you to continuously improve the services you deliver with the help of tried and tested concepts and methods that are aimed at reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We simplify your operations by optimizing and automating it to drive greater efficiency.


Our Digital Platforms empower your organization to be ready to the market challenges defining a continuous transformation and maximizing return.

Reduce Costs

Cost optimizations, reduction of investment, transformation of fix costs in variable costs.

Be informed

360º overview to the entire organization about the status and performance of the applications.

Save Time

Better time-to-market, accelerate responsiveness by improving service levels with smart processes.

What's in itfor you?

Take control of your application. Be proactive and not reactive and reduce your cost and headcount with continuous improvement and get:

Innovation – New ways to continuously improve the service with new innovative tools, concepts and methods.

Flexibility on the project model and elastic supply of resources – Onsite, Nearshore, Offshore.

Predictability of upcoming issues, reduced number of critical issues, reduced downtimes.

Reusable Assets, benefit from our own assets (products, solutions, frameworks and accelerators) and decreasing turn-around times while containing costs.

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How We Operate


Our secret to success lies in delivering the winning recipe for companies by producing a mature commodity even under the tightest of deadlines.


We execute and evolve processes and tasks by using digital technologies to drive strategic management and enhance business efficiency and effectiveness (performance measurements).

Success stories


Modern DevOps in Agile Safe
Discovery Phase


Integrate a development team across each Agile train within the Digital Factory aiming to prepare the IT e-Operations service transition to InnoWave.


  • Incorporate a developer onsite in each Agile train with 80% allocation to development tasks and 20% to documentation activities;
  • Discover & absorb knowledge regarding ITIL processes, application landscape, infrastructure, technologies and operational activities / tasks;
  • Understand the bottlenecks and prepare our vision to successfully introduce the DevOps best practices and innovation across all teams;
  • Show progress in managerial dashboards to Proximus on a bi-weekly basis.


A smooth service transition, ensuring the business continuity and a reduced risk.

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