We are living in a world...

…where agility in action is one of the most important success factors for Business-driven companies.

Are These Your Business Needs?

Are you require to deliver high-quality products within tight deadlines?
Are these products expected to deliver a superior experience to your customers?
Are you pressured to carry out continuous testing to deliver agility and innovation in every product you create?
Are you striving for constant improvement supported by a roadmap?

What can we offer?

Maturity Assessment to benchmark your product against products and solutions from industry peers to chart an evolution roadmap.

Quality assistance throughout pilot projects to demonstrate recommended implementation.

InnoWave is synonymous with innovation. The innovative solutions we deliver through our cutting-edge expertise contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of this world.


Common Vision + Team Alignment

Enjoy the benefit of our quality-assurance that is powered by teamwork and an isolated effort.

Quality of Delivery

Develop confidence by relying on a robust process that is systematic and well-established.

Corporate Awareness of (Digital) QA Benefits

Risk-based analysis and prevention of defects.

Badge Value

Our solutions are aligned with best-in-class standards such as; ISTQB, CMMi, and TMMi.

How do you get there?

Step 1
Hiring specialized services to identify “as-is” and “to-be” maturity levels.

Step 2
Use InnoWave as external advisor and facilitator to support your evolution roadmap implementation. Apart from providing support as an advisor, we support our customers through coaching, and making things happen.

Step 3
Leave the rest to us.

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How We Operate


Our consultants follow ISTQB + TMMi professional certifications schema.


We have used our +20 years experience to create the STAR Maturity Model. This model is very pragmatic, helping touch the critical topics so that you can reach the benefits of the Digital QA:

Industries we are helping

We assist in…
Evaluation of Agile projects
Developing Quality Assistance approach
Testing Automation Strategy

We assist in…
Improving Change Requests validation
Delight testing methodology for small change requests

We assist in…
Testing Strategy for Business Compliance

We assist in…
Testing Design Techniques
Testing Assets Repository
Testing Automation Strategy

Success stories


Methodology Update


>70% of change requests were blocked for UAT because testing methodology was heavy and slow. It was needed an efficient validation approach.


Evaluate the existent testing methodology (as-is).
Remove UAT from business users when change requests are noncritical.
Have a common repository for test cases allowing reuse of them in future updates.
Implemented the new approach in two pilot projects before rollout across the rest of the organisation.


Decrease the average percentage of change requests waiting for UAT (from >70% to ~30%).
Have a versioning control of all test assets, allowing to address different versions of the same application without losing control.


Variant Testing Integration


The GlobalCare product is installed in +20 hospitals and each one has customized extensions. After a new release launch of the core product, it is difficult to guarantee the perfect integration of the previously developed extensions.


Evaluate the existent testing methodology (as-is).
Have a common repository for test cases allowing reuse of them in variant testing.
Migration of Excel sheets into Test Repository.
Creation of Dashboard for decision-making support.


Have a versioning control of all test assets, allowing to address different variants of the same application without losing control.
Allows a bigger testing team working together, fully integrated and without duplicated testing effort.

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