We are living in a world...

…where companies need to disrupt.

Our offer

Evaluate Business Models

Design Customer Experiences

Insights of Emerging Concepts

Knowledge of new Technologies

Delight your customers in their journey

Capture new market needs


Advanced Analytics

Virtual Mixed Reality



Computer Vision

Design Thinking

Blue Ocean Strategies

Lean Startup

How we operate

01. Insights

Provide insights from emerging concepts
Analyse customer priorities and options
Assess business value-chain
Promote new technologies advantages

02. Competitive advantages

Define Intellectual property
Analyze your unique access to data
Evaluate your position in the ecosystem
Design customer Journeys
Assess current and future capabilities

03. Connect strategy with an agile execution

Establish a strategic alignment
Create market feedback loops
Implement rapid learning and adaptation
Grant rigour in execution



Position yourself in new markets by having unique offers.


Delight your customers in their journey.

Feel recognized

For being the first mover and strengthening the customer relationships.

Reduces risk

For being attacked by new business models.

What can we offer?

Innovation Focus

Strong innovative culture fostering competitive advantage.
People empowerment stimulates freedom and creativity.

Strong industry experience

Successful track record for vertical business and operational solutions in Telco, Utilities, Retail, Health & Finance industries.


Deep knowledge of Next-generation technologies.

Startup Ecosystem

Investor on startup product companies with unique business models.

How We Operate


We are recognized by the solutions we deliver to enable better people-engagement
Gamification has proved to be a powerful motivator allowing organizations and governments to promote desirable behaviours in their employees and citizens.
IoT products have been enabling people's connections with the environment that surrounds them. From homes to offices or even supermarkets, our expertise allows you to improve the experience of your customers.


We provide an exclusive channel for communicating with customers, stimulating a healthy competition around the company values and goals through gamification and IoT connected products.

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