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Here Is Your World - Business Needs

Do your company initiatives go unnoticed by your employees?

Does lack of engagement and participation of your employees towards various initiatives dampen your organization’s efforts to boost synergy and the family-feel.

How do you communicate internally to motivate your employees?

Do you recognize and reward the good behaviours of your employees?

Are you satisfied with the collaboration between your employees and its outcome.

What can we offer?

A new way to communicate, motivate and stimulate your workforce to actively collaborate in your company initiatives. By introducing Game elements you challenge and motivate the collaboration and healthy competition between your employees.

When achieving the proposed challenges, the employees are rewarded by practicing good behaviours.


Increase engagement and motivation levels of the workforce to achieve corporate goals.

Stimulate and reward good behaviours by aligning the personal and corporate goals of employees.

Our product simplifies the exchange of information between the employees of the company.

The collection of employee and corporate-interaction data facilitates better decision-making and planning.

What's in itfor you?

Transform non-engaged employees into engaged employees.

Boost the motivation drive to achieve company goals using factors such a fun and rewards through games.

Improve connection and communication between management and employee group.

Promote healthy competition by encouraging performance awareness based on company values and goals.

Be revered as a sought-after, sustainable and digital company.

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How We Operate


We are recognized by our expertise in developing solutions that engage people.
Gamification has proved to be a powerful motivator allowing organizations and governments to promote desirable behaviours in their employees and citizens.
IoT products have been enabling people's connections with the environment that surrounds them. From homes to offices or even supermarkets, our expertise allows you to improve the experience of your citizens.


We provide an exclusive channel for communicating with the workforce, stimulating a healthy competition around the city mission and goals through gamification and IoT connected products.

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