IBM has introduced Code Assistant for IBM Z, a solution designed to modernize COBOL applications using AI. This tool employs a code-generating AI model called CodeNet to translate COBOL code into Java, aiming to simplify the complex and costly process of migrating COBOL applications. Code Assistant supports the complete application modernization life cycle and is capable of understanding various programming languages. While automated COBOL-to-Java conversion tools exist, IBM’s approach focuses on preserving COBOL’s capabilities while reducing costs and maintaining code quality. However, it’s important to review code produced by Code Assistant for potential vulnerabilities before deployment. IBM’s investment in code-generating AI tools reflects its commitment to the future of hybrid computing environments.

Our innsights: Elevate your application modernization with AI-driven development. At InnoWave, we’re excited to introduce our AI-driven development expertise considering IBM’s groundbreaking launch, Code Assistant for IBM Z. This innovative AI solution translates COBOL code into Java, offering a unique opportunity to revolutionize your application modernization efforts. Embrace AI-driven development to unlock enhanced application performance and maintain competitiveness. Let’s explore how our expertise can accelerate your modernization efforts.


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Image Credits: IBM