We are living in a world...

…where staying connected means everything.

Are These Your Business Needs?

Have you leveraged the full potential of IoT initiatives at your disposal?​

Do you have a centralized view of your physical business?​

Do you need to launch new/innovative IoT product/service in the market? 

What can we offer?

A specialized System Integrator for IoT Platforms providing end-to-end solutions, covering the full stack of IoT platform integration options, from the concept & MVP to platform & architecture definition, and finally, to the complete solution development including production deployment & operation management.


Reduce your Effort

Leverage previous development accelerators and domain knowledge.

Keep it Simple

Optimize business processes with the smart management of assets, processes and systems.

Sensory Appeal

Transform raw data into contextualized information that can be used for effective decision making.

Decrease TAT

Agile development of MVP & product validation helps you adapt fast.

What's in itfor you?

Our IoT enablement will allow you to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world.

Reduce development time and eliminate inefficiencies.

Promote innovative approach to solve traditional and new challenges.

Quickly scale-up IoT initiatives from pilots to enterprise solutions.

Connect everything to access multiple devices and data sources.

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How We Operate


Our secret to success lies in delivering the winning recipe for companies by producing a mature commodity even under the tightest of deadlines.


We execute and evolve processes and tasks by using digital technologies to drive strategic management and enhance business efficiency and effectiveness (performance measurements).

Success stories

Vodafone - Smart City


Improve their IoT ecosystem, by evolving the B2B/B2C IoT offer portfolio to provide expertise in analysis, backlog refinement, technical architecture, development of ThingWorx platform, security requirements definition and implementation.


We developed a IoT platform backbone that provides services, components and vertical solutions to be consumed and evolved by the IoT ecosystem

Measure & manage city council’s usage, streetlights, waste containers and energy efficiency through dashboards, reports, alarms and insights

Centralized platform aggregating device’s real-time data and integration with other IT core systems

Citizens’ capability to raise and follow incidents into the Smart City platform via mobile app.


Increase citizen engagement and city council transparency.

Reduce operational costs through efficient and effective control of all city utilities.

Vodafone - Remote Monitoring and Control Solution


Provide companies of any size the ability to successfully implement a modular, universal and unlimited remote monitoring concept to achieve more transparency, optimized procedures, considerable costs savings and higher quality of service.


Comprehensive IoT platform to manage assets through their entire lifecycle in an easy and intuitive way, generate insights from the assets data through a customizable analytics module, provide real-time location and global view of assets, monitor & control of sensors and actuators, configure and manage alarms, geo fencing, temperature and connectivity rules.


All operating data for machines, plants and production processes is available at any time, anywhere
Shorter reaction time that saves costs for breakdowns and repairs. Equipment condition monitoring linked with predictive maintenance that maximize the efficiency of the service operator and improve the success rate of repairs.

Altice - Water Metering


Develop scalable, resilient and secure solution to address water companies needs.

Manage water meters and attached devices lifecycle, including provisioning, replacements and removal.


Global view of water meters and report capability along with several alarms, such as water leaks, over consumption, meter block, etc.

Capability for configuring Email and SMS notifications when alarms are triggered.

Project management, requirement analysis, development and quality assurance of the water metering solution.


Elimination and prevention of non-conformity events
Detailed consumption metrics with aggregated data analysis and hydric balance visualization.

Detailed consumption over time with aggregated data analysis and hydric balance visualization.

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