Our success was made possible by our focus and commitment but also by establishing strong and durable partnerships with leading companies in their respective fields.

Microsoft is one of InnoWave´s most strategic partners. InnoWave has been involved with Microsoft both in the technological space and developing business together, in areas like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, advanced Analytics, BlockChain and bots.

With Microsoft, InnoWave achieved the Gold Cloud platform partnership and several consultant certifications in the Azure Cloud platform space.

Following our close partnership with Microsoft, and in line with our global market strategy, InnoWave is part of the restricted number of partners managed by the Microsoft Western Europe Region, where we are taking the opportunity to develop business together in all the related 14 European countries.

Differentiate and capture emerging opportunities by using data as a strategic asset and shifting from hindsight to foresight. The opportunity to embed software and technology directly into products and services is evolving how organizations deliver value.
One of the most relevant pillars of InnoWave´s offer is the CRM Space. Salesforce is our Partner to address this strategic service offer. InnoWave is a Certified Salesforce partner, with several consultant certifications, specifically in the Sales, Marketing and services areas.
Based on its senior experience in Salesforce platforms InnoWave is bringing to the market services in areassuch as Technical Assessment and Consultancy, End-to-End Implementation projects and Integration and Corrective and Evolving Support services, based on nearshore or on-site business models.
With this strategic alliance with Salesforce, InnoWave has an important presence in several industries including Finance & Insurance, Telco, Utilities and Health.

partnership alliance with SIGMA Systems is the most longstanding of InnoWave´s partnerships. SIGMA makes an important contribution to InnoWave’s consistent growth, especially in strategic geographies and in one of the most strategic industry: Telecoms.

InnoWave bases its partnership with SIGMAon two different pillars: Preferred partner for implementation and integration services on the SIGMA applications portfolio, and Business development partner with significant collaboration on important SIGMA sales and pre-sales activities in several geographies.

As a SIGMA certified partner InnoWave provides qualified services on SIGMA solutions, such as: Assessment & Consulting, Implementation & Integration and Managed Services.

As a result of this strategic partnership, InnoWave is usually SIGMA´s main provider of Academy training activities for several products it offers.

InnoWave has identified the Internet of Things space as asignificant pillar for global business development.
ThingWorx is a strategic partner for this space, considering that the platform has been proven in the field to accelerate development of Internet of Things applications.
As a Thingworx formal partner and with several certified consultants working with this platform, InnoWave provides consulting and implementation services to some of the key players in the global Telco space, bringing them best of breed vertical applications for several industries.
Considered a strategic partnership by both companies, InnoWave and Thingworx are developing business together in jointly identified strategic geographies and markets.

Oracle has been an important partner since InnoWave was established.
InnoWave is an Oracle certified partner with a broad knowledge of Oracle’s technologies and solutions, particularly Databases and Business Support Systems like Billing and CRM.
Taking advantage of its extensive expertise of Oracle´s technology InnoWave provides the global market with Projects and Services with significant impact on our customers’ core businesses.
Due to the maturity on providing said services InnoWave is approaching the market with both nearshore or “on-site business models.

InnoWave and Opencell continuously innovate to improve Customer Experience and disrupt the market with innovative solutions for recurring revenue management and agile monetization strategies.

InnoWave chose Opencell to address new trends on service and data monetization due to the flexibility and high-level customization, reducing solution time-to-market.

WIth its extended functional coverage, Opencell’s platform covers the entire quote-to-cash process in across multiple industries including telcos, utilities, mobility and retail.

As a system integrator, InnoWave leverages its strong BSS knowledge to provide turn-key solutions using the Opencell Agile Monetization Platform.